Clinical Conference Materials

Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation – Social Security: Looking Backwards and Looking Forward

Nancy Altman, President, Social Security Works
Presentation: Expanding Social Security: Next Steps in the Quest for Economic Security

Building an Antiracist Clinical Program with Freedom Pedagogy

Caitlin Barry, Villanova University School of Law
Article: Freedom Pedagogy: Toward Teaching Antiracist Clinics

Law in the Americas

Barbara Bavis, Law Library of Congress
Handout: Services Offered by the Law Library of Congress

Teaching the Technology of Lawyering in Clinical Programs

Sarah Boonin, Suffolk University Law School
Article: From Pandemic to Pedagogy: Teaching the Technology of Lawyering in Law Clinics

Section 1983: Qualified Immunity and Other Obstacles to Civil Rights Enforcement

Samuel Brandao, Tulane Law School
Handout: In the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

Transforming Clinical Experience and Effectiveness Through Community Theater Engagement

Melissa Brown, University of the Pacific School of Law
Handout: “No” is A Complete Sentence

Academic Support and Technology, Law and Legal Education – Online Teaching: Is it good for legal education? Panel 1 title: Leveraging Technology to Increase Student Engagement in Online Courses

Charles Calleros, Arizona State University College of Law
Handout: Law Schools and Exams: Preparing and Writing to Win

Property Law, Co-Sponsored by State and Local Government Law – Regulatory Takings at 100

David Callies, University of Hawai’i School of Law
Article: Regulatory Takings After Knick: Total Takings, the Nuisance Exception, and
Background Principles Exceptions: Public Trust Doctrine, Custom, and Statutes (Chapter 1)

Using Creative Games in the Clinic Classroom

Christine Cerniglia, Stetson University College of Law
Handout: Using Creative Games in the Clinic Classroom

Confronting and Teaching About Ableism in your Clinical Pedagogy as a Best Practice

Natalie Chin, CUNY School of Law
Article: Centering Disability Justice

Internet and Computer Law – Algorithms in the Academy

Shaanan Cohney, University of Melbourne Law School
Article: Watching the Watchers: Bias and Vulnerability in Remote Proctoring Software

Advocating with Creativity for Equitable Menstrual Bar Exam Policies

Elizabeth Cooper, Fordham University School of Law
Handout: Model Policy
Article: UC Davis Law Review
Article: Punishing Bar Exam Policies on Menstrual Products Must Go

Advancing Advocacy, Access to Justice, and Learning Objectives Through Technology

Katherine Evans, Duke University School of Law
Handout: Advancing Advocacy, Access to Justice, and Learning Objectives Through Technology

Debating the Creation of a New Entrepreneurship or IP Clinic

Susan Felstiner, Lewis and Clark Law School
Handout: Break Out Group Questions

The Law Firm of Siskel and Ebert: Bringing Cinematic Storytelling Techniques into the Classroom and the Courtroom

Richard Frankel, Drexel University School of Law
Handout: Storytelling Worksheet

Fostering Creativity Through Community: Interdisciplinary Practice to Community Lawyering

Allison Freedman, University of Michigan Law School
Handout: Purvi and Chuck: Community Lawyering

Deans Forum Breakout: Discussions and Training on Cultural Competence

Barbara Glesner Fines, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law
Presentation: Discussions and Trainings on Cultural Competency

Let’s Get Graphic!: Using Art and Imagery to Support Professional Identity Formation

Brittany Glidden, UC Hastings College of Law
Handout: Graphic Narrative Exercise

AALS Workshop for Pretenured Law School Teachers of Color

Carmen Gonzalez, Loyola University Chicago School of Law
Handout: Presumed Incompetent II

Securities Regulations, Co-Sponsored by Agency, Partnership, LLC’s – Equity and Access in Securities Markets

Yuliya Guseva, Rutgers Law School
Article: The Leviathan of Securities Law and Enforcement in Digital-Asset Markets

Using Creative Hybrid Approaches to Housing Justice

Elizabeth Grant, University of George School of Law
Handout: Fact Sheet
Handout: Supplemental Articles

Law Students and Faculty Rising to the Challenge: Lawyering in Response to Humanitarian Immigration Crisis

Lindsay Harris, Duke University School of Law
Handout: ATOC for those associated with US Government
Handout: General ATOC
Handout: Asylum Cover Letter Template
Handout: ATOC for those associated with Afghan and US Governments
Handout: ATOC for those associated with Afghan Government
Handout: Penn State Law Document
Handout: Duke Afghan Asylum Project
Handout: Extra Resources
Handout: Duke Law Immigrant Rights Clinic
Handout: Index of Documents

Immigration Law – New Voices in Immigration Law

Kit Johnson, University of Oklahoma College of Law
Article: ICE Transfers as a Dimension of Immigration Detention

Leveraging the History of Racism in Written and Oral Advocacy

Amy Kimpel, University of Alabama School of Law
Handout: Court Case 1
Handout: Court Case 2
Article: American University Law Review Article

What Role Can Clinics Play in Assisting Student Athletes in the Attempt to Monetize Their Name, Likeness and Image

Brian Krumm, University of Tennessee College of Law
Handout: License Agreement
Handout: Content License Agreement

Whose Pedagogy Is It Anyway?: Synthesizing Interdisciplinary Teaching Perspectives in a Law/Social Work Clinic and Course

Susan McGraugh, Saint Louis University School of Law
Article: Does Social Work Have a Signature Pedagogy?

Nurse Practitioners, but for Law Clinics?

Diana Newmark, University of Arizona Law School
Article: Supreme Court of Arizona Document

Approaching Decarceration Through Post-Conviction Representation

Martha Rayner, Fordham University School of Law
Handout: Discussion

International Human Rights – New Voices in Human Rights

Mara Revkin, Georgetown University Law Center
Article: Reintegrating Islamic State Collaborators in Iraq

Clinical Teaching by Design

Chris Roberts, University of Texas School of Law
Handout: Learning the Law Through Experience and By Design

Family & Juvenile Section – Works in Progress Session

Caroline Rogus, The George Washington University Law School
Article: Forms Follow Function? Individualism, Family Law, and the Role of Government Documents

Yvette Lindgren, University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law
Article: Baby M, Motherhood, Fatherhood, and The Emerging Anti-Abortion Strategy

Institutional Advancement – Women in the Law & Philanthropy

Jeannie Sager, Seton Hall Law School
Handout: The Women’s Philanthropy Institute Research Overview

Section on Litigation, Co-Sponsored by Election Law and Professional Responsibility – Litigation Conduct and Pushing the Envelope: Impact or Abuse?

Matthew Shapiro, Rutgers Law School
Article: Procedural Wrongdoing

Social Security: Looking Backwards and Looking Forward

Eugene Steuerle, Urban Institute
Presentation: Social Security: Looking Backwards and Looking Forward

Multidisciplinary Education in Furtherance of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Alexandra Tarzikhan, Northwestern University School of Law
Handout: Health and Human Rights Class Description
Handout: Northwestern Project
Handout: Getting to Know the Sustainable Development Goals

Heuristic Approaches to Legal Drafting

Naveen Thomas, NYU School of Law
Article: Rational Contract Design

Securities Regulation – Emerging Voices in Securities Regulation

James Tierney, Nebraska College of Law
Article: Gamification and Securities Regulation

Integrating Critical Race Theory into Clinical Practice

Erika K. Wilson, University of North Carolina School of Law
Handout: Bibliography of Critical Race Theory Texts for Clinicians

The Case for Teaching Creative Lawyering: Traditional and Contemporary Approaches to Teaching Creativity in Clinical Legal Education

Kristen Wolff, University of Miichigan School of Law
Handout: Design Thinking

Global Engagement, Co-Sponsored by Post Graduate Legal Education -Increasing Global Engagement within U.S. Law Schools

Fernando Villarreal Gonda, Facultad Libre de Derecho de Monterrey Law School
Article: Increasing Global Engagement within U.S. Law Schools