AALS is committed to making our meetings and events accessible to all our attendees. Please email AALS Accommodations for assistance.

Chemical Sensitivity

All AALS events are smoke-free and, as often as possible, held in smoke-free venues. Smoking is not permitted in any meeting rooms or AALS-sponsored social events. Some offsite venues may allow smoking in public areas and/or designated smoking areas as determined by the venue.

You may request that chemicals not be used in your guest room on carpeting or other surfaces. Contact the AALS hotel directly for more information.

Nursing Parents

Nursing parents will have access to a private space with electrical power, a refrigerator, and a locking door.

Wheelchairs & Mobility Devices

Because the Clinical Conference has many concurrent sessions, there are many rooms in use during each block of programs. There can be considerable distances between meeting rooms. If you are a regular wheelchair user, we suggest you bring your chair.

Meeting rooms will be set up to provide adequate aisle space and cut-outs for persons with wheelchairs and other mobility devices. Every effort will be made to set meeting rooms and other hotel locations to accommodate all speakers and audience members.

Registration of Personal Aide/Companion

AALS will register an aide or personal assistant to help you navigate the Clinical Conference as a complimentary guest. Please contact us at AALS Accommodations to register your personal aide. Name, city, and state is required for the badge, which can be picked up at AALS Registration. Personal aides may attend sessions and AALS-sponsored meals. If you need AALS to arrange for an aide to help you navigate the meeting, please email your request to AALS Accommodations and outline the specific type of assistance required. In order to best accommodate your request, we ask that you notify us of your request as much in advance of the meeting as possible.

Hearing Support Services

Sign Language Interpreters

Please email us at AALS Accommodations to request a sign language interpreter. Please note that interpreters may only be provided for AALS-sponsored events.


Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART) is a word-for-word speech-to-text interpreting service. Please email us at AALS Accommodations as early as possible to request CART services. Please note that CART may only be provided for AALS-sponsored events.