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A Conversation: Hiring, Training, and Supervising Adjunct

Anne Sidwell, University of California, Los Angeles School of Law
Materials:  A Conversation: Hiring, Training, and Supervising Adjuncts

Let’s Get Together and Feel All Right: Teaching Facilitation Skills in Transactional and Litigation Clinics

Carlos Teuscher, University of California, Los ASuffolk University Law School
Materials:  Beach ball exercise

Materials:  Decision making

Materials:  Community Lawyering

Grading & the Curve: Rebuilding Hope and Confidence in Students

Kathryn Dyer, The University of Texas School of Law
Resources: Growth through grief: processing loss

Growing through Grief: Processing Loss in Clinic

Kevin Lynch, University of Denver Sturm College of Law
Excerpts: Where To Begin

If Rule 1.14 Sets the Floor, How Can Law Clinics Raise the Ceiling?; Teaching Best Practices when Representing Clients with Impaired Cognitive Functioning

Liz Valentin, Suffolk University Law School
Material: Advocate assessment

PowerPoint: Screening and Engaging a client

Material: SDM agreement

Looking Within: Exploring Inter-clinic Collaborations

Toby Guerin, University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law
Presentation:  Looking Within: Exploring Inter-Clinic Collaborations

Practices to Build, Sustain and Teach Resilient Hope in the Midst of a Long-Term Struggle for Social Change

Maureen Sweeney, University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law
Presentation:  practices to build, sustain, and teach resilient hope

Seeing Problems as Opportunities: How to Solve Problems for Hopeful Clients

Laura Lee Norris, Santa Clara University School of Law
Article:  Tina Fey Has 4 Rules to Improve Your Practices

Coursebook:  Entrepreneurs’ Law Clinic Coursebook: Law for Startups Through an Empathetic Lens

Teaching Collaboration Across Clinics and Institutions

Megan Stanton-Trehan, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles
Syllabus:  Education Policy Practicum Spring 2023 Syllabus

Template:  Court update letter

Template:  Sample crossover youth education court update

Teaching Healing Justice

Jessica Gadea Hawkins, Lincoln Alexander School of Law
Handout:  Teaching Healing Justice

The Parenting Professor Penalty: The Costs to being a Parent in Legal Academia

Laila Hlass, Tulane University Law School
Article:  Female professors have less time to research in the pandemic. It could force them out of academia, experts say.

Paper:  Gender and the Crisis in Legal Education: Remaking the Academy in Our Image

Paper:  Investigating Pandemic Effects on Legal Academia

The Clinical Porch: A Moth-Inspired Storytelling Session

Dlorah Hughes, University of Kentucky College of Law
Presentation:  The Clinical Porch: A Moth-Inspired Storytelling Session 2023 AALS Conference on Clinical Legal Education D’lorah Hughes and Michael Steinberg Selected Bibliography.

Slides:  Elements of a Strong Story.

Exercise:  Story Telling Exercise.

Unholy Alliances of Bar Examiners and Clinicians

Joan Howarth, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, William S. Boyd School of Law
Resources:  Unholy Alliances of Bar Examiners and Clinicians: Perils & Reasons for Hope

Unshackled: Stories of Redemption and Hope in Post-Conviction Work in Parole & Clemency Cases

Julie McConnell, The University of Richmond School of Law
Presentation:  Redacted Parole Application

Checklist:  Juvenile Parole Representation

Presentation:  Unshackled: Stories of Redemption

Document:  Sample Facts for Parole Application TATE

Document:  Sample Facts for Parole Application

Using Law Students to Expand Pro Se Access

Kate Evans, Duke University School of Law
Material:  Pro Se Defensive Asylum Protocol for DIRP volunteers

Material:  Duke Afghan Asylum Project (DAAP) Manual

Material:  Application Asylum

Writing Books as a Revolt Against Injustice

Leigh Goodmark, University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law
Book:  Manifesting Justice