Thinking Innovatively and Strategically About Experiential Programs

This is a unique moment for clinical and experiential legal education. We are living and working in times of uncertainty and change in our local communities and in the larger enterprise of legal education. On the heels of a global health pandemic, we return to work with a new perspective. Our communities are navigating a profound moment of public reckoning with a long history of racial injustice. How does this moment impact our teaching and legal education as a whole? How do we as program directors and experiential deans create space and resources to harness creativity and take advantage of this moment? The Experiential Deans and Directors Workshop will take advantage of working together in shared physical space. Our goal is to maximize opportunities for participant engagement, sharing, learning, and celebrating. Instead of traditional panel presentations, each session will employ a different method designed to capitalize on in-person engagement. These methods include a facilitated group discussion, concurrent sessions modeled on case rounds, small group discussions, and a group brainstorming (report out) session.