To propose a workshop, use the Submission Form, and select “Workshop” from the dropdown menu. Your submission should consist of one document that contains the following:

1.  Description: A one- to two-page description that includes: 1) the title, goals, and learning objectives for the workshop; 2) a detailed plan for how the workshop will be structured; and 3)

a summary of why you believe your topic has broad appeal and is particularly suited to the multi-session workshop format. 

2.  Materials: Describe any documents or materials you intend to provide to participants at your session (including rubrics, surveys, a syllabus, evaluation forms, bibliographies, and classroom exercises). You may include in your submission any actual materials you already have.

3.  Presenters: Identify all individuals who will participate in planning and presenting the workshop, including their institutions, whether they come from another discipline or from outside the academy, whether they have presented at the AALS Clinical Conference in the past two years (and, if so, the title and nature of the session), and how their identities and experiences reinforce our commitment to ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion.  Name one of them as the contact person for the group.  State the qualifications of the presenters to lead a workshop on the proposed topic.  This may include experience in the subject of the workshop, past presentations on the topic, and related publications.